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The author, shortly after being hatched, proceeded to lead the life that would constitute the fantasies of most parentally supervised mental midgets.

He managed a miraculous escape from the festivities at university with his mind mostly intact. He then became an instructor on special weapons, attended the Military Academy and survived the special forces boys under his command.

An epiphany or two later he found that he preferred the life of a successful nerd dodging viruses to a poor jock dodging bullets. He descended into the world of bytes and soon reached the height of this professional career choice as a senior systems architect. Having the attention span of goldfish he got distracted and became a lecturer in advanced database engineering. After another attack of restlessness, he became a quantitative risk analyst doing extreme things with counting and squiggly lines and hieroglyphic thingies. The smell of geek took hold and after purchasing a grey suit he successfully infiltrated the world of bean-counters as a financial engineer with no one the wiser. When they eventually discovered his hideout in the ladies bathroom they appointed him as a chief officer in this international financial institution.

Despite himself, he managed to get a degree in nuclear physics, raise cheetahs, race huskies, do modelling, fling himself from serviceable airplanes, fall down mountains sometimes with skis, and scuba with those teeth with fish.

Having been told that he had actually lived a quite delightful, yet curiously insane life for a South Siberian Sea Slug, he mistook this to be a divine sign and began to write his autobiography. This work was however received with more than the expected skepticism, and he decided he would rather re-position this as novels to be published in the genres of fantasy, science fiction, mythology, science and mystery. He wanted to add  arts & crafts and transcendence philosophy, but his publisher said “No!”.

He unfortunately lives on; and has vowed to deposit more of these literary masterpieces on the unsuspecting public.

Mindlord Novels

Waking the Angel (Book 1/3)


Eye of the Gods (Book 2/3)


Dragon v Demon (Book 3/3)


Information Governance Papers

information governance

This is the Information Governance Methodology I created while I was the Chief Data Officer (CDO) of a major international bank.

This function does not describe the CDO role. This function however is part of the CDO role. This role begins with finding patterns, i.e. predictive modelling. In the masses of data, only a small set of elements are useful to nurture, and these are combined to form the  information asset of the organization. Data Governance embodies the protection of the information asset.

These papers should help you in deciding how you wish to approach and implement your data governance initiative. Though these papers signify a  comprehensive study on the subject it still remains simply a guideline, and you will need to decide on a design that conforms to your organisational goals. Please reference as you see fit.


Download the papers in pdf format:

Information Governance (Framework)
Information Governance – Ownership
Information Governance – Structure and Approach
Information Governance – Standards and Alignment
Information Governance – Definitions
Information Governance – Data Quality
Information Governance – Project Integration
Information Governance – Maturity Model
Information Governance – Presentation

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